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Relationship between Communication and Maslow's Hierarchy of Research Paper

Relationship between Communication and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Research Paper Example

It is logical that some needs are impossible to be satisfied without communication, for example, social needs (friendship, love) are impossible without a partner which implies his or her search by means of communication, and this paper will investigate into the role of the interpersonal communication in the human needs satisfaction.
Every individual has his or her needs which are the things that are necessary for living and survival, depending on the level of the needs. The needs are the things that make an individual act in a proper way to satisfy them and to stay alive, which means that the needs cannot be left unsatisfied. Many of the needs of a human being imply interpersonal communication: for example, such need as love or any other form of relationship demands a partner finding which is possible only by means of communication with the potential partner.

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